Late Bloomer Wines - The Wine That Has Been Waiting For You

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Late Bloomer is for anyone who loves a delicious wine and expects to pay a reasonable price for it. ‘Nuff said. It will please the savvy and adventurous wine fan, and it’s perfect for newbies just discovering what they enjoy.

The first release, a 2011 Dry Gewürtztraminer, is a genuine four-season wine that’s not the least bit pretentious. It’s the perfect white for those who want explore something beyond Chardonnay or Moscato. An initial case production of 450 is all in lighter-weight, eco-friendly glass 750ml bottles and topped with easy-open screw caps. This wine has all the right elements: it’s completely refreshing, has great aromatics and a moderate 11.5% alcohol level.

A 2010 Cabernet Sauvignon/Grenache blend debuted in Spring 2013, made from grapes sourced at sunny vineyards in Ashland and Talent, Oregon. The Cab (66%) and the Grenache (34%) dance together expertly in a smooth, lighter red that’s perfect for weeknight dinners, impromptu gatherings and big celebrations. This flavorful mélange has been called by its devotees “the thinking drinker’s shareable red.” 140 cases, 12.5% alcohol.